Move to Jaffa, to a ground floor house; enjoy

the feeling of closeness to the land and its presence; my wife and I separate; the series of "Mirinka and Motinka"; art as autobiography; large gouache paintings and  small works in oil; "Galit" as a theme.



1.Tovah 1980
2.Corner of the garden 1982
3.Orchard Corner, 1983
4.Family on the roof 1984
4.Mirinka and Motinka, 1984
4.Mirinka and Motinka, Breakfast, 1984
4.Mirinka and Motinka, Six Eyes, 1984
4.Morning walk 1984
4.Orchard and a White Cloud, 1984
4.Promenade in Tel-Aviv, 1984
5.1985 Yaffo's Landscape
5.Galit 1985
5.Old Jaffa, 1985
5.Yaffo's Landscape 1985
6..Wild Boar,1986
6.Cup of coffee 1986
6.Early spring 1986
6.Galit, 1986
7.Beautiful sunset in Jaffa 1987
7.Evening, Galit and Orit, 1987
7.Galit, 1987
7.Galit 1987
7.Galit Pregnant, 1987
7.In Military Service, Shchem, 1987
7.Lucky, 1987
7.Miluim 1985
7.Opposite the news 1987-88
7.Self Portait, 1987
8.Miri asleep, 1988
8.Model in the new studio 1988
10.Childhood, 1990

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