Tel Aviv from the windows of the house
From the window of my studio
Berlin 2011

I work in different techniques of copper etching

in the Gottesman center in Kibbutz Cabri situated in the West Galilee.Printing techniques give me a possibility to speak in other plastic languages. When I come back to the studio, brush, canvas and paints are perceived differently.



Black cat. Silk print
Black cypresses
Blush, My Pollaiuolo
Cypresses in Ein Harod
Every hunter wants...
Father and son
Head of Shulamit
Homage to Kupferman
Houses of the first
Points of light. Square, triangle, circle
Portrait of artist's mother
Red cypresses
Small sculpture
Soho. Street scene
Sophia. Sanguine


Changes in the processes of work and study;

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Long journey throughout Italy new studio

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Since 2010

  "Picking up the pieces"  after large museum

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Along the years, it became clear that I, often,

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Early works

Independent works during the last years of

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Move to Jaffa, to a ground floor house; enjoy

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Liveand work in NY - and a different

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I work in different techniques of copper etching

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The corner of Har-Zion Avenue and Chachmei Israel Avenue


A crossroads, with imposing patriotic street names.

Walking the dog.

A banality, there is basically no landscape here.

But there is a life, in all its manifestations.

Where will the spirituality come from?

The spirituality, if indeed it comes, will derive from painting,

from the creative process.

From nowhere at all – it is best not to think about it.

If thinking, then after work.

To read, watch and talk with old friends –

great artists, poets and philosophers.

It is what contains the joy of life for me now.

And also Galit, children and granddaughters.

And all this is happening to me!

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Studio Chronicles 2018

Jan Rauchwerger. Studio Chronicles 2018 05th. week, year 2018

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January 31, 2018
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Solo exhibition at Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv, 14.04.2016

  Jan Rauchwerger "LOST FORM", Gordon  Gallery,

News  - 
April 20, 2016
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